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What our Alumni say

My experience at CIIM Business School was outstanding both on an academic and professional level. Not only did it help me expand my knowledge in the field, but it also helped me to learn and grow as a person. This was largely thanks to the institution’s exceptional faculty, who challenged me continuously while still giving me the necessary tools to prepare me perfectly for the business world. I believe that very few universities can provide the kind of memorable experience that CIIM Business School offered to me. I would recommend it to any student interested in pursuing an education in business administration.”

Liana Prastiti, MBA (2017)

“It’s a shame that our class didn’t last longer. It was really interesting getting to learn about ethics. Hopefully we will get the chance to discuss again regarding the subject, as I am sure there is a lot more knowledge you have to offer. Thank you for everything you have taught us in class, and the interest you are still showing! It was a pleasure being taught by you.”   

Merilyn Charalampous, MBA (2022)

“I am very happy to be representing CIIM Business School in the ‘Lucerne Summer University: Ethics in a Global Context’, and I thank you for making me passionate about the topic of Ethics, and for giving me the opportunity to apply and be selected as one of the 20 students worldwide to participate.”  

Eleni Papavarnava, MBA (2022)

In terms of quality, I found that generally the courses at CIIM Business School were extremely interesting and at times very entertaining and the lecturers were very competent at passing on their knowledge to the students. My favourite courses were Managerial Economics, Financial Accounting, Ethics and Competitive Analysis. What I particularly enjoyed on many of the courses was that they had a good mix of theory and real-life practical work such as putting the theory into application using real business cases chosen by the groups of students rather than academic case studies. Overall, I found the teaching quality and the diversity of the courses very good and I acquired new skills and knowledge that I am confident I will be able to apply in my future career. I am glad that I chose CIIM Business School as the place to do my MBA. It is a quality degree from a very reputable institute!

Delphine Jarraud, MBA (2016)

Participating in CIIM Business School MBA gave me the opportunity to reflect on issues from a distance as well as from within my professional activity and to share my thoughts about solving real-world business and organizational challenges with my fellow group members and top-notch professors. CIIM Business School created a truly cross-cultural experience for everyone with shared values and joint group projects. At CIIM Business School I learned to analyse real business challenges, make prudent financial decisions and incorporate these new approaches in my professional activity. I gained encouragement for my own ideas, but I also learned from new ideas, insights, and practical strategies. Final project guidance from Dr. Theodore Panayotou was particularly helpful for understanding and applying program insights. I would definitely recommend the MBA program at CIIM Business School to professionals at all levels.”

Diana Zagorskaya, MBA (2017)
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