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The UoL Center for DEI is an innovative Centre in Cyprus that deals exclusively with issues of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and how these relate to the 17 sustainable development goals, as well as to environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG).

The UoL Centre for DEI is an organizational effort to increase diversity in representation at every level of an organization or company, to actively respond to individual and systemic prejudices, behaviors, policies, and practices that ensure that everyone has fair access to opportunities, and to promote an environment where people with different identities experience a sense of appreciation and respect. We aim to create conditions of inclusion and participation through effective programs that enhance the importance of equality, considering both the uniqueness of employees and citizens in general, as well as the sense of belonging. At the same time, the Center provides leaders with training tools and opportunities to support a fair and inclusive work environment, away from prejudice and favoritism. An environment where diversity can be perceived and exploited to ensure transparency and productivity, and an environment where everyone feels welcome and safe, while maintaining their uniqueness. In other words, the UoL Center for DEI enhances elements that are inextricably linked to sustainable development and social governance in our century.

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UoL is the first university in Cyprus which, through the UoL Centre for DEI, offers services in Cultural Intelligence (CQ)® and certified programs in Social Marketing. It is, in this context, the only body that acts exclusively as the National Representative of the European Social Marketing Association (ESMA). Both pioneering areas, Cultural Intelligence and Social Marketing, are in line with the EU’ s policy framework for economic and social cohesion. These areas are complemented and reinforced by two additional thematic areas necessary for modern society, which concern Mental and Social Health in the 21st Century and Personal Life and Success Skills

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