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Technology and Innovation School


The Technology and Innovation School at the University of Limassol, houses the Department of Information Technologies and offers an undergraduate program in Computing and Business Technologies and two graduate programs. One in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics and one in Computer Science and Business Technologies.   

The BSc in Computing and Business Technologies is designed to provide students with the basic skills and state-of-the-art knowledge, preparing them for employment in a variety of occupations in technology companies, business or government, and/or for continued study and research in graduate schools in computer science, business, and related fields. The studies are conveniently spread over four years allowing students to gain practical experience through internships while pursuing a prestigious BSc degree. The programs will be offered at the Limassol campus, but the course schedule is designed to fit students that reside in other parts of the island. 

Two graduate programs are offered by the school. One of them, the MSc in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, is inherited from CIIM, the predecessor of the University of Limassol. It provides students with advanced knowledge in programming, methodology, and tools for analysis of business data of a variety of sectors of the economy and government. The MSc in Computer Science and Business Technologies is a specialized program intended to provide profound knowledge in computer science not only to students of computer science and STEM programs, but also to economics, business, and other students with a sufficient quantitative background. The graduate programs are offered in both campuses: Limassol and Nicosia. 

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