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Welfare & Support Services

Enrolment and Induction

The induction process at UoL (i.e. getting to know the university, its culture, its environment and its people) begins at the point of enquiry, unfolds gradually up until the official admissions stage and continues with the student orientation and a series of other “getting to know you” activities. When students join the University of Limassol, they become part of the UoL family, where they can expect to receive personal attention and enjoy a friendly, supportive and welcoming environment. Receiving personal attention right from the very beginning makes you feel at home away from home.  

Individual and group orientation sessions are provided to all newly registered students (local and international) by our student support officers. We also organize Orientation Days at the beginning of each academic year, the content of which is available in the student intranet and Moodle page. Orientation Days also present an excellent opportunity for new students to find out about various student activities.  

Furthermore, all new students are assigned a personal academic advisor, usually their Program Director, who offers support and guidance throughout their studies at UoL. New students receive support from buddy groups that include other students and alumni, as well as from mentor groups that include faculty, corporate members and academic affiliates of UoL.

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Personal Development

UoL pays particular attention to students’ continuous personal and professional development. Students are assigned advisors and the Dean and Program Directors have an open door policy for students. Students are encouraged to consult with their advisor at any time that they may be in need of help.

Such consultations most often take place during initial student entry, helping students to plan their courses, elective tracks and plan of study as well as answering questions about the programme curriculum and schedule. 

Learning Difficulties

Faculty and professional staff provide advice appropriate for each student’s development stage and progress during their studies. Academic support is provided to all students by program directors through workshops, consultations and specific modules on how to improve academic performance, academic writing, literature reviews, assignments, exams preparation and other needs students might have. 

Students with disabilities, health difficulties, or students facing social issues, can visit the student welfare office and discuss how these affect their studies and seek out ways to address these difficulties (e.g. by providing extra academic facilitation and adjustments). This service ensures equal access to all degrees offered by the institution. The extent to which services can be offered depends on the student’s needs and conditions. All matters discussed are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Students sometimes report they are going through psychological and emotional issues that affect their academic success, personal development and wellbeing. Poor mental health contributes to lack of motivation and problem focusing which can lead to failing grades or even abandoning their studies.  

UoL offers in-house support and private counselling for its students upon request. This service can also be in collaboration with external mental health professionals registered in the General Health System, in case of clinical assessment. Students are informed of the emergency numbers they should call in case of a crisis, including the contact number of the Head of UoL Student Welfare Office.  

Contact details: 

Dr Markella Grigoriou  

[email protected] 

[email protected] 

+357 25 261107

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