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CIIM Bioeconomia Center

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Sustainable Development represents an ongoing journey of continuous enhancement and adaptation, rather than a stagnant state focused solely on present requirements. Its essence lies in satisfying immediate needs while safeguarding the potential of forthcoming generations to fulfil their own needs by pursuing a balanced and equitable integration of the three core pillars of Sustainable Development, Economy, Environment, and Society alongside the principles of Bioeconomia. 

The CIIM-Bioeconomia Center is a Sustainable Development and Green Economy Promotion Center established in empowering companies and organizations by integrating them into the market while fortifying their market presence. With economic and technical aid, coupled with consultancy support, we pave the way for their enduring growth within the realm of sustainable development.


We seek to develop responsible entrepreneurship with a view to become a catalyst for change in real economy. This journey is fuelled by strategic collaborations with esteemed academic institutions, community collectives, and successful business models, all underpinned by the expertise of acclaimed professionals. We provide services and solutions to our clients in conjunction with our expert partners and our resources in addressing their unique needs.

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Our mission is to not only deliver exceptional services but also cultivate a foundation of trust with both clients and partners. By investing in human resources, drawing on their extensive expertise and know-how, keeping abreast of market trends and integrating innovative methodologies.


  • Comparative Evaluation associated to the 17 Goals of Sustainable Development.
  • Adjusting proposals to the 17 Goals of Sustainable Development.
  • Conducting economic, technical and other subject studies.
  • Evaluation studies and enterprise reorganisation.
  • Business and Development planning.
  • Green entrepreneurship.
  • Intra-corporate seminars.
  • Open seminars.
  • Long-term and sustainable development conferences.
  • E-academy candidate businesspersons.
  • Project management.
  • EU programs.
  • Private investments management (planning and management).
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The creation of the CIIM Bioeconomia Center represents a unique partnership between the University of Limassol and CBC Bioeconomia, specializing in strategic consultancy and educational solutions aimed at promoting Sustainable Development and the Green Economy, all focused on value creation.

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